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Use our training manual

Let our 35 years of experience and

250,000 sea miles

work for you

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What does your 3 day course

with the training manual cover?

Day One and Two: Equipment and Systems

  1. Safety Equipment                               

  2. Engine Room and Bilge

  3. Engines and Generators

  4. Hydraulic System

  5. Steering System

  6. Engine Control/Shifting Systems

  7. Fresh Water System

  8. Grey Water System

  9. Black Water System

  10. AC and DC Electrical Systems

  11. Navigation Systems

Day Three: Getting Underway

  1. Line Handling and Knots

  2. Pre Departure Check List

  3. Docking and Undocking

  4. Close Quarters Maneuvering

  5. Piloting

  6. Anchoring

  7. Picking up a Mooring

Freqently Asked Questions

Where and when can we do our three day training course?

Your training will take place on board your vessel. You will learn in familiar, comfortable surroundings, on your schedule and in the location of your choice.

What will it cost?

$2250 for the three day course including two copies of the training manual, plus expenses. Once we know the location and date of your training we can offer an estimate, or a flat rate amount, to cover the expenses which include travel time, travel expenses, lodging and food.

Can my training be combined with my vessel's delivery?

No. We have found that training during the frequently rigorous process of getting your boat from point 'A' to point 'B' is ineffective. After completion of the three day training course, up to 2 days underway can be added to to course.

Recent Testimonials

GB 42 MY 'Suroan'

Al and Sue Gonzalez used TaylorMade Trawlering to prepare for their Great Loop adventure. Here's what they had to say:

"We couldn't have done it without you. It is hard to imagine we have cruised over 6,000 miles during the last three years, and impossible to imagine we could have done it without your training sessions. Thanks for all you have taught us."

Selene 48 'Turas'

Pat and Becky MacDonald used TaylorMade Trawlering after purchasing their Selene 48.

"Hands Down the best investment I have ever made in all my boating years. We can't say enough good things about this course and Jerry and Wendy Taylor. The information transferred from the Taylor's to us was worth every penny. If you have a boat get this training!."