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  1. 1. Experience: Yes, experience really does matter. Check out our Text Resume listing our 280 yacht deliveries in the last 35 years and see that we probably have already travelled the route you are interested in. Browse our Pictorial Resume to find a yacht similar to yours. Familiarity with the area, and the general yacht type is much more important than a 1600 ton USCG license. Experience aboard vessels similar to your own should be your main consideration when choosing a yacht delivery couple or training captain. A chronological  list of delivery experience is absent from the website of most Captains, and is usually replaced by a flowery paragraphs of hyperbole which does not constitute actual 'hands on,' at sea experience.

  2. 2. We Provide Prompt, Detailed and Accurate Estimates:

We have so much yacht delivery information in our database that we are able to provide you with a prompt estimate by email for your yacht delivery. We take great pride in using our experience to produce accurate and detailed estimates, breaking down our time for travel, preparation, underway days, cleanup, return travel home, and itemizing expected delivery expenses. In most cases we use the owner's credit card for fuel and dockage expenses as this provides a complete accountability record. We believe that the 'No Surprises' method is the best way to treat our clients.

  1. 3. We Use a Contract: After reviewing the estimate, and with your "Go ahead," we send you a short  simple contract, one sheet of paper, along with a deposit request.  A signed contract and deposit guarantee you the agreed upon time frame. We take our contractual agreements very seriously, and try our best to schedule a realistic amount of time between jobs to avoid conflict or disappointment.

  2. 4. Yacht Delivery is our only business: Since 1980, delivering yachts, overseeing refit work, and helping new owners gain confidence with their yacht has been our only business. We are not seminar presenters, private investigators, helicopter pilots, canvas makers, varnishers, dock builders or anything else that would interfere with your yacht delivery schedule.

  3. 5. When you hire Captain Jerry and Wendy Taylor, that's who you get. We have always worked together as a team. We are not an agency. We do not 'sell' your delivery to another captain for a fee. If our schedule will not accommodate your time frame we tell you. If the delivery is an offshore trip requiring additional crew, we only hire experienced people we know, and have travelled safely with.

  4. 6. We plan our travel very carefully: Fly or drive on the Eastern Seaboard?  Here are some of the things we take into account when deciding on a plan to travel to your boat: Total cost of flying - cost of walkup ticket, checked bag fees,  airport transportation - compared to a one way car rental. Time of arrival at your boat: We always try to arrive at your yacht in the morning and never on a weekend when marine stores and boatyards are closed.

  5. 7. We Bring: Mechanical and electrical tool kits so that we can take care of any basic issues without having to call for, wait for, and pay for, a technician. We bring navigation systems on our iPad and laptop for use in the event of a electronic failure or lack of compatible charting chips aboard your boat. We bring our own galley bag with sharp knives, basic spices and other cooking essentials.

  6. 8. We use a check list in our very careful preparation: Another very important area that really sets us apart from other yacht delivery captains, is our determination to try to ensure a trouble free delivery. Using our checklist checklist.pdf developed over the last 30 years, before departure, we go over your boat checking and correcting any issues found with basic systems. Our aim is to ensure that no essential system will fail during the delivery, so we check and change if necessary, raw water impellers, filters, belts, water pumps, black water pumps etc. We also inventory spare parts and purchase before departure what is needed to avoid time wasting searching for parts in case of emergency.  The standard delivery captain's casual attitude toward mechanical readiness can end up costing the owner a lot of money in additional dockage, time and transportation to correct simple items that should have been functioning before departure. Some areas are beyond our physical or technical scope so with your permission we hire and supervise a technician. Most yacht deliveries require just one day of preparation, but the condition of some vessels may require more. Here are a few examples:  Nordhavn 55 'Last Mango'   Horizon 64 'Semper Fi'  Grand Banks 46 'Cotytto' We have never left or lost a boat. As long as we have your support, we can get any boat anywhere.

  7. 9. We 'wear' your boat during the delivery: During the delivery your yacht is our sole focus and responsibility. We 'put your boat on and wear it' 24/7 until we reach the destination. You receive a 'Spot' position report every day at no charge, everything we do is entered into the log, we constantly check the weather data buoys, and refine our 'inside/outside' decisions. During offshore deliveries we engage a weather routing service, Ocean Marine Nav  to help minimize or avoid unnecessary delays or untimely departures.

  8. 10. When we arrive at destination we cleanup: We do not 'do' your usual delivery captain arrival, which sometimes consists of a quick hosing off, and it's 'away to the airport.' We top the fuel and water tanks, wash the exterior, clean the interior, and launder and fold all bedding and towels. We then meet with you or your representative to inspect the vessel and point out any important issues that may have arisen during the voyage.

  9. 11. Every expense is accounted for: After your yacht delivery is complete you will receive a copy of the log, a list of any items that require immediate attention, along with suggestions and a final invoice with the complete accounting accompanied by scanned receipts.

  10. 12. We are available for help and advice 24/7: After the completion of the delivery and you are out enjoying your yacht, we are available by phone, text or email to help you at no additional charge, with any mysteries that might arise. We believe in, and strive for continuing relationships with our clients, and try to be available to help at any time.

  11. 13. We have a lot of references: Want to know what our clients have to say about our services? Read some of our testimonials or call us for contact information of any of our past clients.

  12. 14. We own and maintain our own boat: Yes, we do understand what this all costs! For the last 20 years we have owned and cared for our 1981 Grand Banks 36 'Aurora,' and for the last 10 years we have travelled Spring and Fall between South Florida and the Chesapeake Bay. In previous years we spent many summers in the Bahamas.

"Experienced captains ain't no smarter than you, they've just been there before!"

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